What are autowebinars?

Automated webinars, also known as evergreen webinars, are pre-recorded presentations that allow viewers to watch them at their leisure, in contrast to live webinars scheduled for specific times. What makes them so appealing isn’t just the convenience and ability to reach a wider audience; their interactive elements, such as chat, Q&A sessions, polls, and surveys, boost participant involvement. These webinars encompass various topics, from informative lectures to product demonstrations.

Perks of automated webinars

Consistency. Wider reach. Time efficiency. Engagement analytics.


Automated webinars can accommodate large audiences without extra work, expanding your reach without additional resource investment.


Automated webinars ensure a consistent, error-free presentation each time, maintaining high quality and delivering your message effectively.
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Increase your audience engagement with automated webinars

There are many practical uses that you might find beneficial…

Automate skills development

Autowebinars streamline training and skill development, ensuring consistent learning while conserving time and resources.

Boost customer experience

Autowebinars educate prospects on offerings and speed their journey through the sales funnel with prepared FAQs.

Automate e-learning

Automated webinars support education by providing accessible lectures to learners unable to attend live.


Frequently asked questions

Are you looking to boost your marketing strategies or simplify your business operations? Our automated webinar platform is designed just for you.
What is an automated webinars?
An automated webinar on MyOwnConference is a pre-recorded webinar that can be scheduled to play at certain times or made available on demand. This allows for greater flexibility in terms of timing and attendance.
How can I set up an automated webinars?
Setting up an automated webinar on MyOwnConference is simple. After recording your webinar, go to the “Scheduled webinars” tab in your account, select “Create an automated webinar,” and follow the prompts to schedule and customize your event as a master.
What kind of interaction can attendees expect in an automated webinar?
Despite being pre-recorded, automated webinars on MyOwnConference can still offer engaging features such as polls, chat rooms, and Q&A’s. However, these interactions need to be planned and included during the webinar recording phase.
Are automated webinars customisable?
Yes, automated webinars on MyOwnConference are highly customizable. You can schedule them at specific times, make them available on-demand, and even customize the appearance and branding of the webinar to match your organization.
Can I analyse the performance of my automated webinars?
Yes, MyOwnConference provides comprehensive analytics for your automated webinars. You can view attendee behavior, engagement, and more data to help you improve your future webinars.
Can automated webinars be accessed on different devices?
Absolutely. Automated webinars on MyOwnConference are designed to be accessible on all devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring a broad reach for your content.
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