Platform's refund policy

Any monetary transactions made to pay for our services are non-refundable. This is because payments to us are initiated by users’ minds who wish to use our enhanced features, such as augmenting the number of attendees and participants in the webinar room and/or recording your webinar, live stream, or web conference.

Users pay for our services by their own decision only! Understanding these rules is the key to success working with the platform.

We do not initiate any automated payments, hence no purchased package, including daily plans or those used to boost webinar room capacity, is eligible for a refund.

To ensure absolute confidence in our services, we provide an indefinitely free account that includes full access to all account and webinar room features. This free account does not have an expiration date and does not require the provision of credit card details upon registration. It serves as a means to evaluate our services’ quality before you purchase a premium plan.

Consequently, we do not provide refunds if a user decides to delete their account several days after making a payment. No further charges will be applied in such cases as we do not store payment details and therefore do not process automatic payments.

Furthermore, users can indefinitely use the features of our platform via their free accounts, albeit with certain limitations listed below.

Refunds will not be issued, even if the payment was made several days prior to your decision to cancel your account. We will not charge you for subsequent periods as we do not process automatic payments. However, these funds deposited into your account cannot be refunded.

If a user deposits an amount greater than the cost of the selected package, the excess funds are credited towards future use of the account.

We recommend using the free account to verify that our service satisfies your needs and expectations before purchasing our services.

The free account has the following restrictions:

Only for non-business use
The MyOwnConference logo is visible on all moderator webcams
Provides 1 GB of storage for files
Allows up to two presenters simultaneously, with participants taking turns to speak
Allows importing up to 20 contacts for invitations
Supports a maximum of 20 participants at any event
Allows 20 minutes of recording in either 480p or 720p resolutionSharing of recorded webinar links is not permitted
Making alterations for white-label branding is not allowed
The custom domain feature is not available

All other functionalities are fully accessible.

At MyOwnConference, we highly value user feedback regarding our software and services. If you, as our user, contact us with an error report, query, or suggestion, our Support team will respond swiftly and competently within 24 hours. Typically, most issues are resolved instantly via our online chat, available on our website, in the account, or in instant meeting rooms.

If a user breaches our User Agreement, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate the service, with or without prior notice, and no unused funds will be returned.

Our existing refund policy does not accommodate exceptions

We highly recommend that our users periodically review our refund policy to stay informed about any potential modifications.

(Last edited: July 10, 2023. Revision: 3.9)