What is a webinar room?

A webinar room, also commonly referred to as a conference room, is a specialised webpage designated for hosting webinars, web conferences, or online meetings.The webinar room is essentially the digital arena where webinars unfold. It’s the space where presenters broadcast their screen, deliver lectures, and engage with participants in a live format. Typically, a webinar room comes equipped with features like chat functions, polling options, and Q&A segments, allowing attendees to actively engage with the content.

Working within a webinar room

Your initial step is choosing the webinar provider. Typically, most require you to register before accessing their functionalities.

Once you’ve completed the login procedures, you can harness the main features of a digital webinar room, such as presenting keynotes, sharing your screen, recording the session, and interacting via an integrated chat.

Community building

Regularly hosted branded webinars on various topics can help build a community around your brand.

Content marketing

Branded webinars can be a key part of your content marketing strategy. They provide valuable content to your audience and, when recorded, can be repurposed into other content formats
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Factors to weigh up when selecting a webinar room

Here are a few practical suggestions you might find useful when using the webinar rooms…

Webinar room capacity

In webinar branding, a peFirstly, estimate how many people are likely to attend your webinar. To help with this, establish a landing page for pre-registration and monitor the number of sign-ups. Using these figures and tips, choose the appropriate capacity for your webinar room on MyOwnConference. That said, it’s not always possible to foresee everything, and there might be times when attendance surpasses the capacity of your selected virtual webinar room.

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User-friendly design

The pivotal concern is how straightforward it is for you and your attendees to navigate your chosen webinar room. Whilst downloading an app may not be a stumbling block for you, it could prove cumbersome for those participants who aren’t as well-versed with technology. It’s always advisable to opt for straightforward and sleek webinar rooms, if not for your own ease but certainly for the benefit of your audience.

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Storage space for your resources

People have different requirements for a webinar platform. While some may only need video broadcasting and a single presentation, making a standard webinar room perfectly adequate, others might want to display several presentations, images, or videos. It’s crucial to consider the online storage space when choosing a MyOwnConference webinar room that meets your needs.

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Localisation and multi-language support

A good guideline for a successful webinar is ensuring your attendees don’t encounter any language obstacles. This is why choosing a webinar service provider that offers multiple localisations is beneficial. For instance, MyOwnConference webinar room is translated into over 23 languages.

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Frequently asked questions

Looking to boost your marketing strategies or simplify your business operations? Our webinar room is especially designed just for you.
Can I personalise the look of my webinar room?
Yes, MyOwnConference offers a range of tools to personalise the appearance of your webinar room, including background images, logos, and colour schemes.
How many participants can attend a webinar hosted by MyOwnConference?
With MyOwnConference, anywhere from 30 to 10,000 participants can attend a webinar, depending on the subscription package you choose.
Can I share my screen in MyOwnConference's webinar rooms?
Indeed, you can share your screen with participants during a webinar using the complimentary screen sharing feature in our webinar rooms.
Can I record a webinar on MyOwnConference?
Certainly, MyOwnConference allows you to record your webinar or videoconference held within our webinar room. You can then download the recording later from the control panel for future reference or to share with colleagues.
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